Why Best Nutrition Will Change Your Life?

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease.

1.Even today through medical science has progressed incredibly, gene health is  still decline because of our poor nutrition and over processed food.

2.We should avoid vegetable oil and excess sugar to halt unnecessary damage to your body.

3.” THE FOUR PILLARS OF HEALTH AND DIET” [ main point of nutrition]

a). Fresh food ( Row uncooked ):- We should fresh food not even fresh but not cooked because heat destroy’s nutrition so the more you apply less nutrition.

b). Fermented and Sprouted Foods:- A controlled rotting makes food fermented microbes naturally present in environment to change the nature of food  they have good bacteria too they can’t be pathogens yogurt is fermented, chesse , wine, choclate and even coffee is also fermented.

c). Meat on the bone:- People eat the meat and throw the bone. Experts discovered if you throw left bones in a potatoes  or what stuff you like it’s taste good and there’s nutrition of bones in there extractions from the joints material and bone ” Collagen from the joint material the collagen hydrolysate even from the bone itself glycosamino glycans from the collagen a joint material all this beneficial effect on this cells of your body and these is very important for good traditional nutrition”.

d). Organ Meats:-  I am not kidding all organs are ediable organs contains too much nutrition’s. Organ like liver – liver pate and liver wurst,  blood and blood sausage, and kidney- kidney pie which specially eat in England and Celsus land.


1. Eat fresh food like green vegetables, eggs and milk. Don’t get this stuff from supermarket because their food is processed and that will not provide us good nutrition. So get fresh food and start traditional eating.

2. Avoid vegetable oil and excess sugar.

3. Eat fresh Meat, Organ meat and bone nutrition these diet will change your life you will live a longer, healthy and disease free life.

4. This content is from book ” DEEP NUTRITION” written by Dr. Cate Shanahan.


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